TIE Fighter flight simulator

TIE Fighter

Installing TIE Fighter on DOSBox

The Internet Archive hosts among other vintage PC games a copy of Star Wars TIE Fighter. I got the game to run under GNU/Linux using DOSBox. I only got it to run using a Joystick. The mouse controls didn’t seem to work properly.

Download TIE Fighter from here and place the files SWTieCD/cd/SWTIECD.cue and SWTieCD/cd/SWTIECD.BIN in a directory of your choice. Also rename them to lower case (i.e. swtiecd.cue and swtiecd.bin).

Edit your DOSBox configuration file (in my case $HOME/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74.conf and set the Joystick type to two axis (it is set to ch by default).


Change to the directory where the CD image is and run DOSBox as follows:

dosbox .

In the DOSBox window mount the CD image as follows:

imgmount d c:\swtiecd.cue -t iso

Now you can install and run the game:



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