Using Twinkle for VoIP

Twinkle is my favourite software for making VoIP calls (under GNU/Linux). Here is how you configure it if you have an account with VoIPTalk.

Configuring the user

Enter your user details. Note that the SIP password is different from the password to log in on the VoIPTalk website. Log in on the VoIPTalk website and click on VoIPtalk ID to view VoIPtalk (SIP) password. User

SIP server

Here you enter the details for the outbound proxy. SIP server


For firewall traversal you need to specify a STUN server. NAT

Alternatively you can set up port forwarding on your router. Then you don’t need to specify a STUN server. In any case make sure that your firewall doesn’t block SIP traffic. You can call in order to test whether the configuration works.

I recommend using G.711 u-law as preferred audio codec.


In Kubuntu 10.04 you have to set all audio devices (input, output, and ringtone) to ALSA/Default.

There is a freeware VoIP client for Microsoft Windows called X-Lite.

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