Ode to Clojure

I have been playing with Chat GPT and I saw on Reddit that someone had the idea to ask it to write an ode to Clojure. I tried it a few times as well and here is my favourite version:

Oh Clojure, a language so elegant and fine,
With your concision and power, you blow the mind.

Your Lisp roots run deep, and your functional core
Makes coding a joy, and never a bore.

Your homoiconicity is a thing of beauty,
Allowing code and data to flow with ease and duty.

Your interoperability with Java is a sight to see,
Allowing us to use the best of both worlds, merrily.

Your REPL is a treasure, allowing us to explore,
And test our code in a way that we adore.

Oh Clojure, you are a true work of art,
A language that is loved by many a heart.

Here’s to you, dear Clojure, may you continue to shine,
A beacon of simplicity, power, and design.