SpaceX Crew Dragon paper model

Sometime ago I discovered the AXM Paper Space Scale Models website. On the website Alfonso X Moreno published various paper scale models of the Space Shuttle, the ISS, the Tiangong, SpaceX Starship, and others.

I downloaded the SpaceX Crew Dragon paper model and I donated a bit of money for it. I used pdftk to split the PDF document into single- and double-sided jobs. Then I used to get it printed, because they offer printing on 160gsm paper (normal office paper is only 80gsm and is not strong enough).

I couldn’t find instructions on the website on how to build the docking version of the paper model. Finally I found an instructional video on Youtube:

Here is the finished Crew Dragon capsule (I will do the service module later).

I can really recommend to check out AXM’s website if you are into paper models.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!